I have been tutoring for about 7 years now, teaching English, Maths, and sometimes Science and general homework help at GCSE level and below.

Having taught and studied mathematics throughout my academic career, I have gained a deep understanding of many of the difficult concepts and challenges faced in the subjects. I am looking to make Maths easy for students.

A new student means a pair of fresh eyes on board, and this is exactly how I approach my lessons - I'm here and I'm interested in what you have to say!

I have a proven track record at boosting students exam results - both by encouraging enthusiasm, and helping students unlock their potential by teaching them my exam technique top tips.

Energetic and enthusiastic tutor. Personal coach and mentor helping you achieve your goals.

Having tutored for several years, I have a proven track record of helping students achieve their goals. In particular, I assist students applying to study Law at top universities.

I've always loved Physics and Maths, and I really enjoy helping other students develop a better understanding of these subjects.

I want to help my students improve and flourish. I wish I had someone telling me some tips and tricks before/during my secondary and A level studies. Hopefully- I can be this person for you!

I have tutored the university students in Mathematics. I have been an organic laboratory demonstrator for undergraduate students. In my PGCE course, I am getting trained as a teacher specialised in Chemistry.

I structure my lessons topically. Firstly, I go over the students existing knowledge of the topic. Together we then build on this existing knowledge through textbook resources specifically tailored to the students exam board.

I genuinely have a passion for education and I have found that tutoring has been a really rewarding experience for me (and I hope for my students!)

I am an experienced online tutor, offering tailored subject tutorials and Oxbridge mentoring sessions, which suit my students' individual needs.

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